Thought leadership events selection chart [RUBRIC]

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What is a thought leadership event?

Thought leadership events are experiences designed to uplift a brand's perception by engaging industry experts, professionals, and enthusiasts.

These events help brands borrow the brand value of experts and influencers who join these events.

Examples of thought leadership events include:

  • Webinars
  • Panel discussions
  • Roundtable sessions
  • Ask Me Anything sessions
  • Hackathon
  • Industry awards
  • Meetups
  • Conference

Which thought leadership event should your brand conduct?

Thought leadership events are a long-term event marketing strategy. It is highly rewarding when done consistently - leading to building authentic business relations, and hence, more deals.

But conducting these events requires resources, budget, and manpower. It is not wise to conduct all types of thought leadership event types either.

So depending on your resource and budget bandwidth, your marketing team should determine the best events that suit your industry.

How to select a thought leadership event type for your brand?

The thought leadership event selection chart by Merrative is a simple rubric to help you decide which events suit your business.

It is based on budget, event duration, frequency, and resources required.

Download this rubric today - and use it to decide on your thought leadership event marketing efforts.

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Thought leadership events selection chart [RUBRIC]

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