Technical Writer Hiring Rubric

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Here's a quick infographic that will help you rate your potential technical writer candidates and select the most suitable for your organization.

Why use this technical writer hiring rubric?

Doing multiple paid trials with the technical writer candidates will unnecessarily increase your recruitment budget. It is not easy to find a professional who is technically experienced and has great business writing capabilities.

To ensure you make the right choice between candidates - this hiring rubric used at Merrative is useful to grade them to make a final choice.

Need help with hiring a technical writer?

At Merrative, we help technology brands form technical content teams with our 150+ highly vetted technical writers.

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About Merrative

Merrative is a community-led marketplace to create and engage in thought leadership literature like books, articles, and research papers.

We help create long-form content for creators and brands, while also finding suitable audiences among our 4000+ community of readers, writers, journalists, and scholars.

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Technical Writer Hiring Rubric

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