Content Calendar Template for Repurposing Webinar Episodes

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Here's a specialized content calendar template that is designed to help brands and creators repurpose their webinar episodes into other content formats.

What is webinar repurposing?

Repurposing a webinar involves using the episode as a raw file to create content across formats like blogs, podcasts, short videos, social media posts, etc. One distills the useful information provided in the webinar episode and uses it to create new content.

This exercise is a part of distributing webinars or podcasts into other channels.

Typical formats that you can repurpose your webinar episode into include:

  • On-demand videos
  • YouTube/Vimeo
  • Short videos across Instagram reels, TikTok, YouTube shorts
  • Infographics
  • Courses
  • Podcasts
  • eBooks
  • Guides
  • Checklists
  • Twitter Threads
  • LinkedIn Carousel
  • Transcripts

Why repurpose your webinar episodes?

Webinars offer a seamless way to interact with the target audience and use guests' audience for growing your brand's influence. It is possible to milk this further by repurposing the episode into other content formats.

  • It helps increase the sharability of the webinar episode
  • Improves SEO across content platforms
  • lesser work in creating new content across platforms
  • Improved engagement across content formats
  • helps the audience consume your webinar episode in more snackable or concise formats

What is included in this content calendar template for webinar episodes?

Repurposing webinar episodes requires setting up systems and processes for faster content creation and publishing. Here's how Merrative's specialized content calendar template helps ease this process:

  • Track progress by status from content creation to publishing
  • Includes deadline, launch, and published content calendar view
  • Assign projects to relevant team members so that everyone knows what tasks they are doing
  • Tips on webinar content repurposing
  • Tools list
  • Guide on building a system for the repurposing webinar

If you would like us to add anything else, email with your feedback.

Need help with repurposing your webinar episodes?

We can help you in repurposing your webinar or podcast episodes into thought leadership blog posts, Twitter threads, short videos, and much more.

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Content Calendar Template for Repurposing Webinar Episodes

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